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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Making IRs an intrinsic part of research assessment

Stevan Harnad, UK Research Evaluation Framework: Validate Metrics Against Panel Rankings, Open Access Archivangelism, November 22, 2007. 

Summary:  Three things need to be remedied in the UK's proposed HEFCE/RAE Research Evaluation Framework: ...

(3) Stress that it is important -- indeed imperative -- that all University Institutional Repositories (IRs) now get serious about systematically archiving all their research output assets (especially publications) so they can be counted and assessed (as well as accessed!), along with their IR metrics (downloads, links, growth/decay rates, harvested citation counts, etc.).

If these three things are systematically done -- (1) comprehensive metrics, (2) cross-validation and calibration of weightings, and (3) a systematic distributed IR database from which to harvest them -- continuous scientometric assessment of research will be well on its way worldwide, making research progress and impact more measurable and creditable, while at the same time accelerating and enhancing it.