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Saturday, November 24, 2007

How OA benefits authors

Sukhdev Singh, Naina Pandita, and S. Dash, Open access: advantage authors, a slide presentation given at the 2007 meeting of the Indian Association for Medical Informatics (Kochi, India, November 16-17, 2007). 

Abstract:   Authors do not write research or scholarly articles for any immediate monetary gains. They write to tell their peers about their research findings. However, the conventional scholarly publishing culture does not support authors’ desire to be read widely. Internet is providing an alternative to conventional publishing in the form of “Open Access”. There are two approaches to provide Open Access to scholarly and research literature. These are Open Access journals and Open Access repositories. In both of these approaches, authors desire to be widely read is fulfilled. They are more visible and likely to be better cited as compared to the conventional publishing culture. The paper discusses the broad meaning of Open Access and its two basic approaches. It also discusses status of Open Access in regard medical sciences with special reference to India. Authors stand to gain through this new culture of scholarly publishing. Availability of Open Access biomedical content also facilitates new methods of content aggregations and data mining and thus would give new dimension to medical informatics.