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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Harvesting New Zealand's OA repositories

The New Zealand government and National Library of New Zealand have launched the Kiwi Research Information Service (KRIS).  From the site:

This website is a gateway to the open-access research documents produced at universities, polytechnics, and other research institutions throughout New Zealand.

We have harvested research document metadata from around New Zealand and collected it in one place. You can use this website to search for research, look up specific subjects or authors, browse the research in various ways, and keep abreast of emerging research activity.

If you're a researcher at a New Zealand institution, we encourage you to contribute your research outputs to your institution's research repository.  [KIWI] will harvest them and distribute them to your peers - both in New Zealand and worldwide.

Thanks to the NZVCC Electronic News Bulletin, November 6, 2007, which provides a few extra details:

CONZUL (Council of New Zealand University Librarians) has taken the lead in sharing expertise on the development of institutional repositories. The National Library was funded by the Tertiary Education Commission to develop the harvesting service. A governance group for KRIS has been set up, chaired by Ainslie Dewe, University Librarian & Director of Knowledge Management at the Auckland University of Technology

KRIS will be officially launched in November but it is already publicly available for search....