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Friday, November 30, 2007

Forthcoming Internet Bill of Rights

At the Internet Governance Forum in Rio de Janeiro (November 12-15, 2007), Brazil and Italy agreed to draft an Internet Bill of Rights.  From the Italian announcement:

Privacy, data protection, freedom of expression, universal accessibility, network [neutrality], interoperability, use of format and open standards, free access to information and knowledge, right to innovation and a fair and competitive market and consumers safeguard.

On these principles the Internet Bill of Rights will have to be set up, an idea produced by our country and supported by the Italian delegation, led by the Communications’ Undersecretary, Luigi Vimercati....

Convened at the Forum liked the idea which roused also the Brazilian government members. So formally, Italy and Brazil endorsed a joint declaration committing themselves to reach as soon as possible a shared and planned resolution of network rights, a theme that, in the next 2008 Internet Governance Forum of New Delhi, will have to be prioritized. This paper was signed by Undersecretary Vimercati and the Brazilian Minister for Culture, Gilberto Gil. “We deem important to held an introductory meeting, to which invite everyone is interested”, said Vimercati....