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Saturday, November 17, 2007

European Physical Journal C converts to no-fee OA

As of November 1, 2007, the European Physical Journal C --one of the eight journals in the EPJ family-- has converted to no-fee OA for all its research articles.  For the past year it has been a hybrid OA journal charging a fee for the OA option.  EPJ C is published jointly by Springer, EDP Sciences, and Società Italiana di Fisica.  From the announcement:

In anticipation of successful negotiations with interested Open Access funding agencies, as of today and until such negotiations have taken place before or by the end of 2008, all experimental papers submitted to and accepted by The European Physical Journal C - Particles and Fields will be published with full, online open access without any fees being incurred by the authors. The paper categories concerned are letters, regular articles as well as scientific notes and tools articles on experimental physics. (see the Aims & Scopes for a definition of these categories)

This extends the scope of the present default scheme for publishing with online open access in any of the EPJ journals at the strongly discounted price of EUR 1,000.-- per article, with letter articles already being free of charge and open access by default for EPJ A and EPJ C since November 2006 (see the Open Access Statement for more details)

PS:  I assume that the opening reference to negotiations with OA funding agencies alludes to the CERN SCOAP3 project.  If I'm wrong, I'd like to hear from anyone with better information.