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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Digitized public domain books + print on demand

Do you want a bound, printed copy of a public domain book digitized and on deposit at the Internet Archive?  Order one from the Public Domain Books Reprints Service, launched a few weeks ago by Yakov Shafranovich.  From the site:

What is This All About?
This is an experiment to see what the demand for reprints of public domain books would be. This free service can take any book from the Internet Archive (that is not in copyright) and reprint it using Prices of the books are rounded up from cost prices to the nearest $0.99 to cover the bandwidth and processing power that we rent from Amazon using their EC2 service.

How Does It Work
Anyone with an email address can place a request on this page using an Internet Archive link or ID. Your request will be forwarded to our conversion server which will convert the appropriate book to printable form, and sends it off to When the book has been uploaded, it will be made for immediate ordering and shipping, and you will receive a link to it via email.

How Long Does it Take?
It takes about 5-10 minutes to process a single book, HOWEVER larger files and larger server loads will increase this time. At this time, please allow for up to 24 hours and possibly longer....

Update (12/31/07). The service (1) now prints public domain books from Google Book Search and (2) has moved to its own domain,

Update (1/3/08). For more details, see Philipp Lenssen's interview with Yakov Shafranovich.