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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

BMC upgrades Open Repository

BioMed Central upgraded its Open Repository service.  From today's announcement:

BioMed Central today announced the latest upgrades to Open Repository, the open access publisher's hosted repository solution.  The upgrades include new features from DSpace, the open-source platform for accessing, managing, and preserving scholarly works.  Open Repository now offers institutions increased customization options and a new and improved user interface.  Also, two prestigious organizations have recently elected to host their repositories on Open Repository: Roehampton University and Medecins Sans Frontieres, demonstrating that Open Repository is the first choice for a wide variety of organizations....

Open Repository version 1.4.9 has several new features that are designed to enhance the customer experience.  The release offers an improved user interface, making it easier for customers to browse and submit their material online.  Additionally, institutions can convert their Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Text and RTF documents to PDF format.  Customers can also set up RSS feeds, and customize lists and search fields, adding value to the already robust platform.

"Open Repository provides a hosted solution that is quick and simple to set up, customizable to our needs and easy to use," said Pat Simons, Bibliographic and Technical Services Manager, Roehampton University. "We switched from Proquest's repository service because Open Repository offered better value for money and all the features we plan to use...."

Open Repository from BioMed Central gives institutions the personalization of an in-house repository at a fraction of the cost....