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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Visual exploration of an OA database

Chris Leonard, Browsing ADS visually, PhysMath Central blog, October 25, 2007.  Excerpt:

We are always interested in new ways of re-interpreting data (that's why we make all of our article data available in xml for data-mining) - but this visualization tool from Mark Holliman at the University of Edinburgh really is special.

PaperScope is a tool developed for graphically exploring the ADS [Astrophysics Data System]. It is designed to provide astronomers with a user friendly interface for mapping the Reference and Citation connections between published papers that are accessible through the ADS web interface. The visualization that PaperScope provides enables the user to see how papers are connected and therefore gain a better understanding of which papers are of interest to their work. Use it for constructing reference or citation chains, as well as identifying common references/citations between several key papers.  It is a tool designed to simplify the process of searching for relevant papers to an astrophysics researcher whether they be a professor, postdoc, or student.

...or publisher looking for potential referees!

I urge you to play with it as a uniquely powerful way to browse and search the ADS, which has spent a long time building up indices which would eventually support such tools as this.

Comment.  This is another good example of what I call the software strategy for OA --a very useful tool optimized for OA literature, creating new incentives for authors and publishers to make their work OA.