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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Princeton symposium on the future of scholarly communication

The Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton is hosting a blog-based Symposium on the Future of Scholarly Communication.  From Ed Felten's introduction:

Welcome! For the next two weeks or so, we’ll be conducting an online symposium on the future of academic publishing. We’ve convened a strong group of panelists for a discussion in blog (or serial essay) format. Our panelists include Ed Felten (Professor of Computer Science and Public Affairs, Princeton), Ira Fuchs (V.P. for Research in Information Technology, Mellon Foundation), Paul DiMaggio (Professor of Sociology, Princeton), Peter Suber (author of Open Access News, and Professor of Philosophy at Earlham College), Stan Katz (Public and International Affairs, Princeton, and President Emeritus, American Council of Learned Societies), and David Robinson (Associate Director, Center for Information Technology Policy, Pinceton)....