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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Open legal education

Matt Bodie's Advice for Erwin Chemerinsky: An Open-Access Approach to Legal Education, TaxProf Blog, October 8, 2007.  TaxProf Blog has been asking law professors, "What is the single best idea for reforming legal education you would offer to Erwin Chemerinsky as he builds the law school at UC-Irvine?"  Here's the suggestion of Matthew Bodie of Saint Louis University School of Law:

Several of the other commenters have suggested dramatic changes to the curriculum. I would recommend that as part of your curricular reforms, you consider an open-access approach to legal education.

First, implement an open-source approach to course materials. As I describe in a forthcoming article, casebooks and other supplementary materials will soon all be in electronic form and online. An open-source approach would allow professors to collaborate freely while having much greater potential for individualization. Particularly if you implement a new regime of courses, an open-source approach would allow your faculty to join with colleagues around the country in developing new materials. Your impact on curricular reform will be far greater if you provide easy access for other schools and professors looking to follow your lead....