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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Open source software for streaming OA policies

The University of Stuttgart Open Access Policies Project has released the alpha version of oaPAPI (Open Access Policies API), open-source software to create a single XML stream from the OA policies of multiple online resources.  From the site:

oaPAPI is a tool that was designed to combine information about open access polices of several publishers from multiple data-sources into one single xml-stream. But it is also interesting by the method which is able to image and rebuild any xml-stream with a very flexible database, without any limitation on a fixed number of fields. The first utilized data-source is the API of the SHERPA-RoMEO project..., the second data-source is a very simple set of mediawiki-pages. Other sources (xml,csv,...) may follow. The code has been developed at Stuttgart University Library by the oa-policies project.  It is planned to enhance the tool by involving further institutions like the Humboldt-University in Berlin and developers of existing repositories and journal information services. This is the first (alpha) release of the code with full tested functionality, but without graphical client.