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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Official launch of Pronetos

Pronetos ("Professor's Network") has officially launched.  From yesterday's announcement:

Our development team at OpenSourcery has put the finishing touches on the site, and it’s now open for general use!...

What you see before you now is just the beginning. In the next 60 days, to augment the community, we will be rolling out some unique publishing tools designed especially around the needs of scholars. First and foremost, these tools reinforce our commitment to Open Access. In fact, we hope that our members will immediately begin using Pronetos as a global research archive, as Paul Ginsparg has described.

The next iteration of Pronetos, due in the next 30 days, will have document versioning and threaded comments. You can already post content to the site, and get comments on it, but the next iteration will be a huge step forward. The community of experts that gathers at Pronetos will be able to peer-review works in any field. And we’ll archive that work forever. And we’ll never lock your work away in a private subscription database. We want people to see your research. On Pronetos they will....

PS:  Pronetos is a combination networking site and repository.  I first blogged it when it went online in May 2007.