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Friday, October 05, 2007

OA for ETDs at the U of Florida

Digital Library Center provides online dissertations, Inside UF, September 27, 2007.  Excerpt:

More than 9,500 dissertations from University of Florida graduate students of years gone by now languish on UF library shelves. The dissertations have been cast aside in the digital age which demands instant information.

But, if a new project at the George A. Smathers Libraries Digital Library Center is successful, decades of writings will soon be available around the world, with just the click of a mouse.

“What I’d like people to see is that the University of Florida is doing good work, and that we have in the past as well,” said Cathy Martyniak, head of the Library Preservation department.

Dissertations were first submitted electronically in 1998 at UF, and since 2001, the university required electronic submission for all dissertations. Martyniak said. Copyright restrictions require any doctoral candidate who completed work before 2001 to sign a release granting permission for scanning and Internet distribution....

Once a release form is submitted, the dissertation is scanned at the Digital Library Center and information called “metadata” provides information about the work, such as title, author, subject, year of publication and length. The work is then uploaded to the Digital Collections’ Web site, where the metadata allows for easy and accurate retrieval....

To participate in this project, UF dissertation authors are encouraged to visit [here].