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Monday, October 15, 2007

Nutrition foundation converts its journal to OA

Starting in January 2008, the Scandinavian Journal of Food & Nutrition will convert to OA, move from Taylor & Francis to Co-Action Publishing, and change its name to Food & Nutrition Research.  The journal is owned by the Swedish Nutrition Foundation.  From the October 12 announcement:

...Co-Action Publishing is pleased to announce that a contract signed with the Swedish Nutrition Foundation last week will guarantee that Food & Nutrition Research (formerly Scandinavian Journal of Food & Nutrition) will publish all content Open Access, free of subscription fees, as of January 2008....

Commenting on the decision to drop subscription fees, Editor-in-Chief Professor Nils- Georg Asp, MD, states, “Through an Open Access publishing model, Food & Nutrition Research opens an important forum for researchers from academic and private arenas to exchange the latest results from research on human nutrition, including support for health claims on foods and food supplements. Importantly, Open Access means that a wide audience - including policy-makers and even consumers - can directly access quality-controlled results from human nutrition studies. In turn, this means wider distribution and greater impact for the authors publishing in Food & Nutrition Research.” ...

The online nature of the journal also means full access to papers within just a few weeks after acceptance, and authors can enjoy unlimited color, the inclusion of multi-media, links to data sets, and unlimited use of their own material.

The journal will be funded by a combination of modest publication fees, which are generally covered by an author’s institution or funding agency, online advertising and commercially sponsored Open Access supplements to the journal. An annual low-cost print edition of the journal will be available to those libraries and individuals who wish to purchase a copy....

Under a Creative Commons license, authors will retain the non-commercial copyright to their work, and other users will be free to download, copy, distribute and re-use materials for any educational purpose as long as the original source is duly attributed.

Update. Also see Alex McNally's article on the launch in Food Navigator for October 23, 2007.