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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

More on flipping journals

In my newsletter article yesterday on Flipping a journal to open access, I gave a couple of examples that came close to embodying the concept. 

Here's one I missed.  Jan Velterop wrote to remind me of the Springer deal with the Dutch library consortium, Universiteitsbibliotheken en de Koninklijke Bibliotheek (UKB).   Here's the key provision in the agreement:

Within the framework of the existing licensing agreement with UKB, Springer undertakes to offer free and immediate world-wide access to articles which have been accepted for publication in one of Springer's journals in 2007 by corresponding authors whose main affiliation is with one of the UKB members....

The UKB member institutions are already paying subscription fees, and now, with no extra payment, they are considered to be paying publication fees on behalf of their faculty.  Unlike a full Rowsean flip, the journals don't become OA.  But the new articles by authors at UKB member institutions will be OA, and for the same money that formerly bought reader access (to the non-OA articles in Springer journals), the UKB member institutions are now buying both reader access to non-OA articles and author access to OA articles.

For background, see the Springer press release on the agreement (June 21, 2007) and my blog post on it.

If I missed other examples, I'd very much like to hear about them.