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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Rockefeller UP asks again for a disclaimer on the PRISM web site

Earlier today Mike Rossner, Executive Director of Rockefeller University Press, sent a new letter to the Association of American Publishers (AAP), and has allowed me to reproduce it here:

To The Association of American Publishers:

We at the Rockefeller University Press are pleased to see that the AAP has made an effort to tone down the rhetoric on the PRISM website. However, there is still no disclaimer indicating that the views of PRISM do not necessarily reflect those of all AAP members, as requested in my letter of August 29th.

The statement, "Scholarly publishers themselves are not unanimous in their views on this topic," does not provide sufficient distance between our views and those of PRISM. We are disturbed that the AAP continues to send such a strong message on behalf of its members, especially given your awareness that not all members support PRISM. We thus repeat our request that you place a disclaimer on the website. We also think it is important to include a list of supporters. Any publisher that stands behind PRISM should be prepared to do so publicly.

PS:  For background on the changes at the PRISM web site, see my post from yesterday.