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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Risks to publishers are not risks to peer-reviewed journals

Stevan Harnad, Journal Title Migration and University Resource Reallocation, Open Access Archivangelism, September 27, 2007. 

Summary:  (1) If some publishers (commercial or otherwise) should ever decide to abandon journal publishing because of lowered profit prospects, their titles and editorial boards will migrate, quite naturally, to Gold OA publishers. (2) If ever faced with the (currently hypothetical) question "Do we use our newfound windfall cancellation savings from our former publication buy-in to pay (2a) for our newfound publication costs for our research publication output, or (2b) for something else, letting our research output fend for itself?" universities will find their way, quite naturally, to the obvious solution....

Comment.  Exactly.  Stevan has more detail in the body of his post (I've quoted just the summary) and I have more detail as well in Sections 12-15 of this article from the September issue of SOAN.