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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The rise of OA as a case study for internet commerce researchers

Roger Clarke and Danny Kingsley, ePublishing's Impacts on Journals and Journal Articles, a preprint forthcoming in the Journal of Internet Commerce.  (Thanks to Colin Steele.)

Abstract:   The primary vehicle for formal communications in most disciplines and research domains is articles published in journals. The digital era as a whole has had many impacts on the activities of article creation and use. Of particular significance is the availability of the Internet as a distribution mechanism. This is bringing about significant changes in the economics of journal publishing. The dimensions of those changes are examined within the context provided by models of the roles of journals in the mid-to-late twentieth and the early twenty-first centuries. Several early indicators of fundamental changes in the process and product of the journal are considered. Tensions between for-profit and open-access publishing are identified. The new potentials for community-based endeavour create the likelihood of upheaval in what has been a highly profitable industry sector.