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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Reminder to US citizens

Please contact your Senators this week, and ask them to support an OA mandate at the NIH.  Here are some links to help:

  • The alert from the Alliance for Taxpayer Access.  This includes some useful background and talking points.  (Also see my blog post on it with comments.)
  • The alert from the American Library Association.  This includes a web form to make it easier to get your message to your Senators.  You can compose your own message or modify and personalize the message put together by Charles Bailey.  (Also see my blog post and comments.)

Either of these should suffice.  Pick one, compose your message, and get it off.  If you don't use the ALA web form, then get your Senators' contact info from CongressMerge.  But if you'd like more help in writing your message, here are some more sources:

This year is our best chance ever to win an OA mandate at the NIH.  But the opposition from the publishing lobby is fierce.  Remember that the AAP/PSP has launched PRISM, the behemoth Copyright Alliance has weighed in, and Elsevier has hired an extra lobbying firm.  If you're a US citizen, please do what you can:  contact your Senators and spread the word.

Update. Also see Bill Hooker's letter to his Senators.