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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Oxford UP distances itself from PRISM

Last week Peter Murray-Rust wrote an open letter to Oxford University Press, asking whether it supports PRISM, and yesterday he received a reply from Martin Richardson, the Managing Director of Oxford Journals.  From Richardson’s reply:

Oxford University Press is not part of the PRISM initiative, and we do not intend to become a signatory to the PRISM Principles.

OUP is very active in several Open Access initiatives, all of which are extensively documented on our website. Our approach has been to develop an evidence-based understanding of the implications of OA on scholarly research dissemination, and to share that with the wider community, and this is our preferred method of contributing to the OA debate.

PS:  Kudos to Martin Richardson for this direct statement and to Peter Murray-Rust for his initial letter.  I also second PMR’s own comment:

This is very good news from a major publisher with an early OA strategy.

We have now had several publishers distancing themselves from the PRISM initiative. Unfortunately the PRISM site is closely linked to AAP and so poorly constructed that it is impossible to separate membership of AAP from PRISM....

I try to be fair on this blog and...[it] would make things much easier if the actual membership of PRISM were published - if it actually has one. Failing that publishers would save themselves from unnecessary confusion if they were to publicly state their non-affiliation as OUP and others have done.

After all, I am not the only one who can write letters… (and since this blog has a CC licence anyone can adapt the format of my letter(s) without my permission).