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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Notes from Berlin 5

Peter Murray-Rust is blogging life at the Berlin 5 conference:

  • Open access - both easy and difficult.  The opening plenary address by Sijbold Noorda
    of the European University Association.
  • Open Data: What am I going to say?  Some OA activists he's met and pre-talk ruminations on what he'll say.
  • Plenary 1.  Brief notes on talks by Fred Friend (JISC and University College London), Jens Vigen (CERN), Subbiah Arunachalam (M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation), and Hiroya Takeuchi (Chiba University).
  • Monetizing informatics - a fantasy.  More ruminations on what he might say in his own talk.  "Given that the EU already has an economic model where farmers are paid not to grow crops but to preserve the countryside, we could argue that publishers might be paid not to ban people from reading “their property”. This would then create a lively market in doing something useful with the data. If the publishers wanted to be in this market they would need to actually do something NEW, or someone will eat their lunch.  Tell me that this is not a fantasy."
  • SCOAP.  Notes on the talk by Salvatore Mele (CERN).
  • Chris Armbruster; green ==> gold.  Notes on Chris Armbruster's talk.