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Saturday, September 15, 2007

New book of guidelines for creating an IR

From Atilio Bustos González on the JISC-Repositories list:

I'm very pleased to send you the book Guidelines for the creation of institutional repositories at universities and higher education institutions, prepared by the Group of Scientific Information Repositories coordinated by Antonio Fernández Porcel, of Granada University.

The document is presented in a trilingual mode; with the purpose of represent the languages that embrace a great number of partner institutions of ALFA Network Babel Library, as well as to make more accessible its contents to a wider audience.

We will shortly have available in a few weeks the Handbook of didactic strategies for the use of ICT's in higher education institutions.

The post was forwarded to JISC-Repositories by I.M. Johnson, who added:

These are some of the outputs from a recent project funded by the European Commission aimed at sharing best practice with Latin American Universities.

The full-text book (87 pp.) is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.