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Sunday, September 23, 2007

"Librarians need to showcase the benefits of OA"

Dean Giustini interviews Courtney Crummett, UBC Academic Search - Google Scholar Blog, September 23, 2007.  Crummett is an Associate Librarian at the US National Library of Medicine.  Excerpt:

...There's been a lot of discussion lately about open access, and the de-emphasis of print collections. What do you think this means, in the longer term, for our work as librarians?

...Librarians need to position themselves on the front lines of scholarly communication and showcase the benefits of OA. We can show our users the reputable OA journals within their discipline and comparable citation statistics. Librarians need to be advocates for author rights and copyright initiatives, and explain both to faculty to ensure that we provide access to research published by our faculty. The success of OA depends on us partly, and we will need to sell it to faculty, researchers and students....