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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Launch of Irish OA library and repository

On Monday, University College Dublin and partners launched the Irish Virtual Research Library and Archive Repository (IVRLA).  (Thanks to Charles Bailey.)  From the announcement:

Monday September 17th will see the launch of the Irish Virtual Research Library and Archive repository (IVRLA), a key component in humanities research infrastructure for University College Dublin (UCD) and other third level institutions.

IVRLA is a digital archive containing a number of digitised collections from UCD’s holdings, of use and interest to Irish humanities researchers. The IVRLA has developed a sophisticated interface enabling users to browse, search, tag and cite digital objects and view or download them in a variety of file formats. This interface sits on top of an open source repository architecture that functions as the IVRLA’s base content store. An elaborate collection model has been developed ensuring all content is viewed within context and structure. This model is particularly suited for organic primary source collections and enables hierarchy and sub-division in how objects are arranged and held within collections....