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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Dorothea Salo just solved a problem with the OAN interface that I've wanted to solve for a long time.  Now the permalink for each blog post displays the post on a page to itself.  When you click on a permalink, you don't have to load one of my large archive files and hope your browser jumps the right distance down the page. 

This feature is old hat for blogs nowadays and I'm long overdue in implementing it.  I was slow because I knew that making the switch would change the form of the post URL (from a standardized number to a fragment of the post's title), and I didn't want to break links to old posts. 

To appreciate the difference, here's a short post in the old and new forms:

Dorothea also helped with another interface tweak:  You can now find the permalink at the top of a post (in the title) as well as the bottom (in the "page" icon).  So far this feature is only implemented for the front page but will soon work for all the archived pages as well.

(Thank you, Dorothea!)