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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fund-raiding milestone for Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

SEP Reaches Significant Fund Raising Goal! NEH Matching Funds Secured, an update from SPARC, September 25, 2007.  Excerpt:

Calculations by SOLINET [Southeastern Library Network] indicate that if the SEPIA [Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy International Association] invoices sent out over the next 8 months are paid in a timely way, the SEP [Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy] will reach the intermediate goal of collecting $1.5 million in membership dues needed to secure the $500,000 in matching funds offered by the NEH under the terms of SOLINET's NEH Challenge Grant....

The SEP now has total pledges totaling just over $1,700,000 in membership dues to SEPIA from the library community. (So there have been over $50,000 in new membership pledges since our last notice...two months ago!) Once we add the $500,000 in NEH matching funds to this total, this means that the library community has raised just over $2,200,000 towards its overall goal of $3,000,000, leaving only $800,000 left to raise! Stanford University has raised its share of $1,125,000, towards the SEP's combined goal of $4,125,000.

We would like to draw attention to the following statistics. There are 118 institutions in the U.S. and Canada that offer a Ph.D. in Philosophy. 57 of those have pledged the full recommended amount of $15,000 in membership dues to SEPIA. 18 have pledged a smaller amount. This means 75 of the 118 Ph.D. institutions have made a pledge, leaving 43 non-contributing Ph.D. institutions. If all 43 pledged $15,000, we would have $645,000 -- which is 80.6% of the remaining goal. If, in addition, the partially contributing Ph.D. institutions were to raise their existing pledges to the full amount, we would have an additional $201,750, bringing us to $846,750. So we would like to encourage noncontributing and partially contributing institutions offering the Ph.D. in Philosophy to reevaluate the SEP....