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Monday, September 03, 2007

DRIVER and LIBER working together for EU repositories

News from DRIVER:

Initiatives to build the European Digital Repository Research Infrastructure have received new support from the collaboration between LIBER - the European Association of Research Libraries - and DRIVER.

LIBER represents and promotes the interests of research libraries in Europe and assists these to become a functional network across national boundaries. LIBER and DRIVER share the vision that research libraries should contribute actively and cooperatively towards a common, pan-European data and service infrastructure based on digital repositories.

On Wednesday 29th August, Hans Geleijnse from Tilburg University and President of LIBER and Norbert Lossau from Goettingen University and Scientific Coordinator of DRIVER, signed in Tilburg, the Netherlands, a Memorandum of Understanding in order to progress and enhance the provision, visibility and application of European research output through digital repositories - that is, systems that provide access to texts, data or other types of cientific and scholarly content.

LIBER and DRIVER will also take into account developments in the area of subject based or disciplinary repositories and actively seek collaboration with the organisations involved.

Update. Also see the joint DRIVER/LIBER press release.