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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Another TA editorial on OA

Robert J. Stanley, The Open Access Issue Revisited, American Journal of Roentgenology, October 2007.  An editorial.  Not even an abstract is free online, at least so far.

Update. I just got access to the full text. There is no abstract and I won't bother to blog an excerpt. Stanley believes the current NIH policy was requested by PLoS (when it was ordered by Congress). He seems to believe that all OA journals charge author-side publication fees (when the majority do not). He believes the primary rationale for government OA policies is to provide access for lay readers (when it is to provide access for researchers whose institutions cannot afford subscriptions). He acknowledges that journal prices are rising faster than library budgets, but responds by pointing out problems with the business models of some OA journals. He seems unaware that some OA publishers are already profitable. He seems to believe there's no problem for OA to solve, because he hasn't seen data showing that lack of access to research impedes research.