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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A wiki to track science journals and publishers

MathSciJournalWiki was such a good idea that its developers have expanded it to cover all scientific disciplines and renamed it Eureka Science Journal Watch.  From the front page:

EUREKA is a freely-editable source of information on scientific journals, starting with mathematics. It aims to be a central resource for understanding the journal system, and a catalyst for change — change away from the current system of corporate-run journal monopolies, towards an open-access system run by the scholars themselves....

This site needs your help! There are three main categories of things you can get involved in:

  • Adding content. This ranges from filling in editors' names, to adding news about journals, to creating entries about publishers and exposing their sneaky tricks.
  • Discussing the basic principles and philosophy of the site. For instance, to what extent should the content in the site behave like data in a database? To discuss this issue, go to Talk:Data Storage.
  • Helping out with the technical side. There are many simple things to be done, especially extracting journal data from the relevant websites. See Extracting Data on Journals and the To Do List.

To get started, go to the the discussion page. If you're new to editing wikis, try this. To ask a technical question, go to the Dumb Questions page.