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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Updated OA guide to research in bioinformatics

Joanne A. Fox, Scott McMillan, and B. F. Francis Ouellette, Conducting Research on the Web: 2007 Update for the Bioinformatics Links Directory, Nucleic Acids Research, June 22, 2007.

Abstract:   The Bioinformatics Links Directory is an actively maintained compilation of servers published in this and previous issues of Nucleic Acids Research issues together with many other useful tools, databases and resources for life sciences research. The 2007 update includes the 130 websites highlighted in the July 2007 Web Server issue of Nucleic Acids Research and brings the total number of servers listed in the Bioinformatics Links Directory to just under 1200 links. In addition to the updated content, the 2007 update of the Bioinformatics Links Directory includes new features for improved navigation, accessibility and open data exchange. A complete listing of all links listed in this Nucleic Acids Research 2007 Web Server issue can be accessed online [here]. The 2007 update of the Bioinformatics Links Directory, which includes the Web Server list and summaries is also available online, at the Nucleic Acids Research web site.

From the body of the paper:

The Bioinformatics Links Directory is a community resource built on this commitment to the spirit of open access….