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Friday, August 31, 2007

Scientists talk about OA on video

BMC has announced New additions to the Video Author Website.  Excerpt:

The BioMed Central author video website has recently been updated and offers the opportunity to watch and listen to pioneering researchers share their views on open access publishing and their experience of publishing in BioMed Central’s open access journals.

You can now view a video interview with Marcel Hommel, the Editor-in-Chief of Malaria Journal.  Discussing the necessity of Open Access publishing, Professor Hommel emphasises the importance of these publications for researchers in developing countries and the tremendous difference they have on their work. Marcel Hommel is a professor of Tropical Medicine at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

The website also features an interview with Michael Ashburner, Professor of Biology in the Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge.  Professor Ashburner discusses in detail the benefits and limitations of Open Access publishing, the major role in plays in developing countries, and contemplates on its future.

Dr. Tony Peatfield, Head of Corporate Governance and Policy at the Medical Research Council (MRC), also appears on the website. In his interview, Dr. Peatfield...explains how the MRC encourages its researchers to publish in Open Access Journals, in order to make the outcome of their research as freely available as possible....