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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Open education for healthcare in developing countries

The People's Open Access Education Initiative is a new open education project focusing on medical education in developing countries.  From the home page:

Help to build Public Health capacity in low- to middle-income countries, using open education resources freely available on the Internet

This education will involve partnerships and collaboration across the global and digital divides, and will be both credible and affordable

"A learning resource that is freely available, which makes use of already established material and seeks to modify it appropriately for local use"

From the about page:

Most low to middle income countries (LMIC) currently have to cope with a wide range of health problems that interfere with their future economic development. Public health is a major priority, especially the spread of AIDS, tuberculosis and common infectious diseases, as well as the emergence of chronic disease epidemics. A trained workforce of health professionals is essential, but local universities being vastly oversubscribed for face to face courses and fees for overseas universities, including e-learning distance programmes, are higher than can be afforded by most potential students in these countries. Internet-based e-learning has the exciting potential to deliver high quality learning resources anytime and anywhere, and although access is by no means universal it is improving quickly....

Our solution

Develop educational context around freely available open educational resources on the Internet – This is an open activity, to be developed in partnership across the global and digital divides. We are in development phase, and hope eventually to move towards the establishment of a ‘Peoples Open Access University’....