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Monday, August 27, 2007

OA for Indian research

Stevan Harnad and Alma Swan, India, Open Access, the Law of Karma and the Golden Rule, Technical Report, ECS, University of Southampton, self-archived August 26, 2007.

Abstract:   India is peculiarly positioned to help herself while helping the entire planet as well. India needs to adopt a national OA self-archiving mandate for all of its research institutions and funders. The principle is simple, it is already embodied in India’s Law of Karma as well as in the West’s ‘Golden Rule’: ‘Self-Archive Unto Others As You Would Have Them Self-Archive Unto You’. If India sets the example, by officially adopting and implementing this rule, India’s own research access and impact will be maximised, the rest of the world will follow India’s example, and research progress worldwide will be the beneficiary.