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Thursday, August 09, 2007

OA for 400+ historically significant medical films

JISC and the Wellcome Trust are providing OA to 400+ films important in the history of medicine.  From today's announcement:

Over 400 films are to be digitised and made freely available online for the first time, thanks to a new collaboration between the Wellcome Library and JISC Collections.

The material consists of over 100 hours of moving image content from the Wellcome Library’s unique and historically significant collection of medical films.

Featuring in the archive are films exploring global health issues and how they have been tackled, including footage on malaria – a 1946 film shows huts in Kenya being sprayed with DDT to check an epidemic; films that illustrating advances in public health care looking in particular at immunization, and the introduction of free-to-all health services; and some of the medical greats of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, such as Ivan Pavlov’s famous research - he was best known for first describing the phenomenon now known as classical conditioning in his experiments with dogs.

All items are to be digitised over the next 12 months and made freely available via the Wellcome Library's web site and JISC's Film & Sound Online service....