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Friday, August 24, 2007

More on OA for CRS Reports

Ari Schwartz is proposing a smart, systematic, web-2.0 approach to the problem of OA for CRS Reports (thanks to Free Government Information):

We have been having some good conversations with individual offices [of members of Congress] on the issue and one member (anonymously) gave us the list of the new reports from the past 6 weeks.  From this list, we know that we've gotten 76 of 100 new reports from that time frame.

Because Congress still has no time frame to release the reports, we are going to start putting out the missing reports as a checklist when we get these lists  and asking Internet users to help us get them all.

Librarians call missing documents "fugitives," that might help the picture in your mind as you call.  We are posting here first and we will be posting whatever is left on the CDT blog tomorrow.

All you need to do is:

1) Pick a report that sounds interesting from the list below
2) Call up one of your representatives offices in DC
3) Ask them to email you a pdf of the report
4) Post it at

[PS:  Here omitting the checklist itself.]

Update. Also see Anonymous Lawmaker Helps to Build OpenCRS Database, a press release from the Center for Democracy and Technology, August 23, 2007.