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Friday, August 10, 2007

Model self-archiving policy for universities

Stevan Harnad, Model University Self-Archiving Policy, Open Access Archivangelism, August 7, 2007. 

Summary:  Universities are adopting Open Access Self-Archiving Policies (which is a very good thing) but the policies are often not the optimal ones, and are sometimes even inadvertently reducing instead of enhancing the access potential of university research output. In this exchange with Prof. Andrew Colman of the University Leicester, and Prof. Diane Kornbrot of University of the University of Hertfordshire, the simple parametric tweaks are pointed out that can change an ineffective OA Policy into an effective one. They are:
(1) requiring rather than requesting deposit
(2) requiring deposit in the university's own Institutional Repository (IR) rather than in a central or discipline-based repository elsewhere
(3) requiring deposit of the author's peer-reviewed, accepted final draft, rather than the publisher's PDF (unless the publisher endorses PDF deposit)
(4) requiring deposit immediately upon acceptance for publication rather than after a publisher-imposed delay or embargo period
(5) during any embargo, deposits can instead simply be made Closed Access rather than Open Access (and the IR's "Fair Use" Button can send and receive eprint requests and eprints semi-automatically)