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Monday, August 06, 2007

Helping librarians help faculty make their work OA

ARL, ACRL, SPARC Provide Free Access to Archive of Author Rights Webcast, a press release from ARL, August 4, 2007.  Excerpt:

Understanding Author Rights [is a] one-hour webcast...aimed at librarians working with faculty on author rights. The sponsors are underwriting costs to make the archive (recorded June 18, 2007) freely available to the broader community.

To access this Elluminate recording, you will need a free LearningTimes account....

Also see the Author Rights Resources handout from the webcast....

A journal article is often the culmination of years of study, research, and hard work. The more the article is read and cited, the greater its value. But if authors give exclusive control to the publisher in the copyright agreement, use may be limited. Many authors wonder:

  • Can I post my articles on a course Web site? What about in an institutional repository?
  • Can I give copies of my published article to my class or colleagues?
  • Is it okay to post articles in NIH's PubMed Central?
  • Can I include sections of my article in later works?

Many libraries want to answer these questions and help authors modify publishers' copyright transfer agreements to keep key rights to their articles. Educate faculty on your campus before they transfer ownership of their intellectual output and help them understand the consequences and options....

[The presenters are] Julia Blixrud, Assistant Director for Public Programs, SPARC, [and] Trisha Davis, Rights Management Coordinator, Ohio State University Libraries.