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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Copyright and the transition to OA in Sweden

Sweden's has launched a study of Copyright in a new publishing environment.  From the announcement:

The copyright issues in scientific communication have a crucial role in moving to an Open Access model for scientific publishing. The project aims at providing all academic users with practical, uncomplicated and updated information about copyright connected to scientific communication. The project will

  • survey actual legal practice at Swedish institutions of higher education,
  • report on interesting cases of legal practice from foreign institutions of higher education,
  • illuminate the relations between author and institution, researcher and publisher, law and contract.

The project will use several channels of communication: a new website, a manual with a focus on practical situations, courses and seminars.

The project is co-funded by the Swedish Research Council. The project is funded for a first phase 2007-2008, followed by an external evaluation before deciding on future funding.

Grant from the National Library: 600 000 SEK.

For information contact either:  The Project leader: Ingegerd Rabow...[or] The Coordinator of the development programme of the National Library of Sweden: Jan Hagerlid....