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Friday, August 10, 2007

Another declaration of independence

Another Journal Board Resigns, Not Even Wrong, August 6, 2007.  (Thanks to Alexandre Borovik.)  Excerpt:

Last year about this time the entire editorial board of the Elsevier journal Topology resigned, this August it’s the turn of the Springer journal K-theory. The editors of this journal have all resigned, issuing the following statement:

Dear fellow mathematicians,

The Editorial Board of ‘K-Theory’ has resigned. A new journal titled ‘Journal of K-theory’ has been formed, with essentially the same Board of Editors. The members are A.Bak, P.Balmer, S.J.Bloch, G.E.Carlsson, A.Connes, E.Friedlander, M.Hopkins, B.Kahn, M.Karoubi, G.G.Kasparov, A.S.Merkurjev, A.Neeman, T.Porter, D.Quillen, J.Rosenberg, A.A.Suslin, G.Tang, B.Totaro, V.Voevodsky, C.Weibel, and Guoliang Yu.

The new journal is to be distributed by Cambridge University Press. The price is 380 British pounds, which is significantly less than half that of the old journal. Publication will begin in January 2008. We ask for your continued support, in particular at the current time. Your submissions are welcome and may be sent to any of the editors.

Board of Editors
Journal of K-theory

The subscription cost for the Springer journal had been $1590, $1325 for electronic-only access....

Update: Via the comment section, there’s the related news that

The Ecole Normale Superieure has chosen to no longer have Elsevier publish the journal Annales Scientifiques de l’École Normale Supérieure; the new publisher will be the non-commercial Société Mathématique de France. The Elsevier website states:

As of 2008 no longer published by Elsevier, please contact publisher Societe Mathematique de France for details....


  • Until the Journal of K-Theory has a web site, see the entry on it in the MathSciJournalWiki.
  • For 14 earlier examples of editorial boards resigning in order to launch a free or affordable journal elsewhere, see my list.  (It’s not up to date and I have several more examples in my offline notes; I’m just looking for time to put them up....)