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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Where to post an OA book

There’s a good discussion thread at Bytes for All Readers & Supporters Forum (a Yahoo group) on where to post a (scholarly) full-text OA book.


  • Some scholars have an OA scholarly repository in their university or field and some don’t.  For those who do, the repository should accept the deposit of a book, either as a single file or as a series of chapter-files.  If there are repositories that would not (assuming author affiliation or topic relevance), I’d like to hear about their reasons.
  • For scholars who don’t have deposit rights at a scholarly repository, there is always one’s personal web site.  There are also the new, general repositories that don’t limit themselves to scholarship, such as DocStoc, Edocr, EgnytScribd, and ThinkFree.  Because these repositories don’t focus on scholarship, I haven’t followed them closely and know little about their quality, visibility, interoperability, or likely longevity.
  • My old plan to launch a universal repository at the Internet Archive, for scholars who don’t have deposit rights anywhere else, is not dead but not moving forward at the moment either.  One day I’ll be able to make an announcement one way or the other—