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Friday, July 06, 2007

Upgrade for mixed open/closed pharma database

Collaborative Drug Discovery (CDD) has launched an upgrade to its pharma database with both free and priced datasets.  From yesterday's press release:

Collaborative Drug Discovery (CDD, Inc) is pleased to announce the introduction of its next generation database technology. Collaborative Drug Discovery's Web-based database enables scientists to collaborate in novel, global efforts to more effectively develop new drug candidates for commercial and humanitarian markets. The technology enables novel community-based research efforts that become more and more useful as additional participants contribute data. Publicly available data sets currently in the system include the FDA orphan and approved drugs and small molecule drug discovery data dating back over half a century. These data sets pertain to a diverse group of neglected diseases, including malaria, tuberculosis, African Sleeping Sickness, Chagas Disease and Leishmania.

Customers can also securely archive, mine, and collaborate around their small molecule preclinical drug discovery data in invitation-only, username-password protected groups....

Researchers can choose to keep their data private or share any or all of it with other research groups in the community. By default, labs using the CDD database only share their imported data privately with fellow lab members. A subset of the data is available openly to the public at no cost (please contact for access)....