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Monday, July 30, 2007

Update on ChemSpider/ChemRefer integration

Antony Williams, ChemRefer - Searching Open Access Chemistry Articles via ChemSpider, ChemSpider blog, July 29, 2007.  Excerpt:

Hopefully some of our ChemSpider Users have been deriving value out of our integration with ChemRefer? When we went live with the integration we had indexed over 50,000 articles. Since adding the new server we have been working on indexing more open access articles. At present we are working on the next set of articles to take the total to over 110,000 indexed Open Access articles. If you are not aware of ChemRefer then you can access it on ChemSpider here or anywhere on the site where you see the ChemRefer logo.

If you have not used ChemRefer think of it as an indexed text search for Chemistry Open Access articles. If you want to search Chemistry articles by chemical name or simply a term just type that term into the search box. For example, the search results for bilirubin are here. For Frequently Asked Questions regarding ChemRefer visit the FAQ page.

Were always looking to index Open Access articles from other publishers so, suggest an Open Access journal to us and we will see if its already on our present or future list for adding to the index. The index for the additional 60,000 articles will hopefully be added to the index in August.