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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Short-form OA law journals

Ken Strutin, Guide to Short Form Open Access Legal Publications, LLRX, July 27, 2007.  (Thanks to Michel-Adrien Sheppard.)  Excerpt:

Short form open access legal publications provide a forum for a wide range of scholarly and timely exchanges on new developments and issues. See generally Lawrence B. Solum, Download It While Its Hot: Open Access and Legal Scholarship....Of particular interest are the law review companions.

The companion publications fit into a growing niche of multi-format interactive online journals. They usually seek responses to articles appearing in their main law reviews and solicit original scholarship or viewpoints on current topics. Many of the publishers invite responses or discussion, via site blogs, on subjects raised in their short form articles....

While blogs and Wikis are beginning to find their place, law review companions are building on an established path for disseminating and preserving legal scholarship. And they embrace the best of print and online traditions by adhering to the publishing standards of law reviews while taking advantage of the public square of the Internet. See generally Gordon Smith, Online Companions to Law Reviews and the Future of Legal Blogs....

This article is a collection of these emerging short form journals. Until they are fully integrated into the legal indexing system, a web monitoring tool or subscription will be the best way to keep track....

Strutin briefly notes, and links to, 15 short-form OA law journals.