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Friday, July 27, 2007

Rating countries by OA

Vexen Crabtree assesses Which Countries Set the Best Examples according to 17 criteria like human development, global peace index, life expectancy, gender equality, and economic freedom.  Criterion #10 is Open Access to Research

Comment.  Kudos for putting OA on the shortlist of criteria.  I only wish that the data on how countries rank on providing OA had been open and current.  Vexen’s OA rankings are from a May 2005 article in The Guardian and do not take into account the rapid, recent spread of OA repositories at universities and OA policies at public funding agencies.  Vexen gives no link for the May 2005 article and neither Google nor the Wayback Machine can find a copy online.  Vexen’s web page is dated “2005 +” but quotes some 2007 sources.

BTW, Vexen’s top 10 countries on providing OA are (from the top down):  Sweden, Netherlands, UK, Canada, Australia, Finland/Denmark (tie), Portugal/Belgium (tie), Germany, USA, and Hungary.