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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Proceedings of the Rome conference on IRs and OA

Paola De Castro and Elisabetta Poltronieri (eds.), Institutional archives for research: experiences and projects in Open Access, the entire proceedings of the conference, Institutional archives for research: experiences and projects in Open Access (Rome, November 30 - December 1, 2006).  Self-archived July 18, 2007.  Abstract:  

The Congress was organised into four sessions: 1) Open Access (OA) and authors: support from the international community; 2) OA in Italy: knowledge and tools to write and search; 3) institutional policies for OA; 4) opportunities and services to develop OA. It was aimed at achieving the following objectives: a) make authors of biomedical publications aware of the benefits of depositing research material in digital open archives and publishing in OA peer-reviewed journals; b) outline the impact of the OA publishing model on the assessment of research output; c) enhance the adoption of policies encouraging the OA paradigm; d) promote cooperation between research institutions in Italy and abroad to share resources and experiences on institutional repositories. A useful introductory bibliography on the OA publishing model in the biomedical field is included in the Appendix.