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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Open-source journal publishing software

Roman Chıla, What open source webpublishing software has the scientific community for e-journals? In Proceedings CASLIN 2007, Stupava (Slovak Republic), 2007.  Self-archived July 19, 2007.

Abstract:   Nowadays a scientific community can use different electronic publishing systems for the e-journals (journal management systems). Open-source ones were developed solely for e-publications' management and now, in 2007, we can say three of them are of general use for e-journals: Digital Publishing System (DPubs), ePublishing toolkit (ePubTk), Open Journal System (OJS). There exists also different content management systems (CMS), yet those were not primarily built for e-journals and are usable only with a special publication module. Finally, the third option is to pay for a service of different publishers and providers with their own publication systems. This paper deals with comparison of the first two options: specialised systems for e-journals on one side and general CMS on the other side. With examples of open-source publication systems we want to compare their advantages and disadvantages, area of aplication, and their functions for the management of the e-journal publishing process.