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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

OA repositories in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America

Fernanda Peset and three co-authors, Use of OAI protocol and its impact in digital libraries: a case study in Spain, Portugal and Latin America, in ARD Prasad and Devika P. Madalli (eds.), Proceedings International Conference on Semantic Web and Digital Libraries (ICSD-2007), Bangalore, India, 2007, pp. 459-471.  Self-archived July 29, 2007.

Abstract:   The current communication approaches the situation of the development of repositories that use the Open Archives Initiative (OAI) protocol for data collection. These type of digital libraries are undergoing a worldwide boom. This work studies the current state of their [implementation] in Spain, Portugal and Latin America. In order to do so, the existing projects in the official records have been studied using a methodology beyond the existing records of repositories. It concludes that the situation in 2006 is fairly encouraging in so far as the number of projects, but that it is quite deficient as concerns the quantity of data stored.