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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

OA refinement at Libertas Academica

As part of his review of the access policies at different publishers, on July 15, Peter Murray-Rust reviewed the policies at OA publisher, Libertas Academica.  On July 28, he received this note from LA's Tom Hill:

Dear Dr Rust,

...I very much appreciate your critique on our OA policy. It appears that in our haste to develop our journals we have neglected to make our policy, particularly with respect to copyright, as transparent as it should be.

I have therefore made the following changes:

1. We now clearly apply the CC-BY licence.

2. I have asked our web developer to remove the obsolete copyright statement from the bottom of all web pages. Given that this is Saturday, this change will probably not take place until Monday NZ time....

Comment.  Congratulations to Peter MR for his initiative and to kudos to Tom Hill for his constructive response.

Update.  Peter MR continues his review series with several posts (first, second, third) on the data access policies at CODATA.