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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

OA economics research portal coming in September

In September, the Nereus consortium of European academic libraries will launch an OA economics research portal called NEEO (Network of European Economists Online).  From today's announcement:

...The members of the [Nereus] consortium, including many of the top-twenty European academic economics institutions, together with other leading European economics research institutes, will create a networked service providing open access to economics information, showcasing Europe’s leading research results.

Based on the content of the institutional repositories of the partners, the Network will provide:

  • integrated academic output, including, journal articles, working papers, chapters, conference proceedings and datasets
  • a central multilingual portal and full-text search service with links to the full-text research publications and primary data output
  • more comprehensive access to the life’s work of 500 leading researchers
  • access to the current research results of leading institutions in the area of economics
  • primary datasets with links to the publications based upon them.

Content from the partner institutions will be complemented with other European and worldwide open access economics content to create a new portal of open access economics content. NEEO content will also appear in information retrieval services of significance to the economics author and reader.

“We are very pleased with the support the European Commission is giving to this project. It confirms the interest of the EC in Institutional Repositories, open access and increasing the visibility of European research. It is encouraging that so many prominent institutions will collaborate in this area.” Hans Geleijnse, Director of Library and IT Services at Tilburg University and Director of the Project.

Tilburg University will lead the project on behalf of the Nereus Consortium. The project will begin in September 2007.

PS:  NEEO doesn't yet have a home page.  But it does have an introduction page, not quite the same as the press release above.