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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New OA journal in high energy physics

Advances in High Energy Physics is a new peer-reviewed OA journal from Hindawi.  From today’s announcement:

Hindawi is pleased to announce the launch of "Advances in High Energy Physics." AHEP is one of Hindawi's "Community Journals," which are edited by distributed editorial boards of highly distinguished, international members.

"Community Journals use a very scalable, collaborative editorial model," said Mohamed Hamdy, Hindawi's Editorial Manager. "They enable us to build a strong partnership between Hindawi as a publisher and the communities we serve with our open access journals."

"High Energy Physics is a unique scientific community in their unparalleled support of Green open access via the arXiv," said Paul Peters, Hindawi's Head of Business Development. "We are very pleased to be in a position to launch AHEP and to work with the High Energy Physics community during their transition to the Gold Open Access era."

Hindawi is planning to launch a number of journals in other areas of physics, including Astronomy, Gravitational Physics, Atomic and Molecular Physics, and Condensed Matter Physics in the next few months. Hindawi is also planning on expanding its collection in several other areas, including Chemistry, Materials Science, Ecology, and Engineering.

Update.  I just learned about another new OA journal from Hindawi, Advances in Artificial Intelligence.  (Thanks to MEDAL Blogging.)  I haven’t yet seen an announcement for this one.